• Congrats! 53rd paper has been published
  • posted 2019-06-09 19:41:09 by greenlab
  • Authors: Sun-Jeong Bae, Junsik Lim, Sangmin Lee, Hansaem Choi, Jaehwan Jang, Yukang Kim, Ju-Young Oh, Jeong-Hoon Park, Hyuk-Sang Jung, Younbyoung Chae, Su-Il In* and Hi-Joon Park*


    Title: Augmented mechanical forces of the surface-modified nanoporous acupuncture needles elicit enhanced analgesic effects


    Journal: Frontiers in Neuroscience, section Perception Science (2019) 13, 652

  • Congrates! Young-ho Park, JunHo Lee and Greenlab got awards at the KSIEC spring meeting 2019!
  • posted 2019-05-16 01:05:33 by greenlab
  • Young-ho Park: Best paper award,

    JunHo Lee: Best poster award

    Greenlab: Best research lab


    at the KSIEC spring meeting 2019 

  • Attachments : 키오스크 홍보 요청 - greenlab.jpg    
  • Congrats! 52nd paper has been published.
  • posted 2019-05-08 23:19:45 by greenlab
  • We are pleased to inform you that the following paper has been officially 

     Journal: Micromachines 2019, 10, 326; doi:10.3390/mi10050326
     Title: TiO2 Based Nanostructures for Photocatalytic CO2 Conversion to
    Valuable Chemicals
    Authors: Abdul Razzaq and Su-Il In *
  • Congrats! 51st paper has been accepted in Energy & Environmenal Science
  • posted 2019-05-03 00:47:47 by 인수일
  • Saurav Sorcar, Yunju Hwang, Jaewong Lee, Hwapyong Kim, Keltin M. Grimes, Craig A. Grimes, Jin-Woo Jung, Chang-Hee Cho, Tetsuro Majima, Michael Hoffmaan, and Su-il In*, "CO2, Water, and Sunlight to Hydrocarbon Fuels: A Sustained Sunlight to Fuel (Joule-to-Joule) Photoconversion Efficiency of 1%", Energy & Environmental Science (2019) in press
  • Congrats! 50th paper has been published
  • posted 2019-04-18 11:08:14 by 인수일
  • Chaitanya Hiragond, Shahzad Ali, Saurav Sorcar, and Su-Il In*, "Hierarchical Nanostructured Photocatalysts for CO2 Photoreduction", Catalysts 9 (2019) 370 
  • Congrates! 49th paper has been published
  • posted 2019-04-03 08:54:31 by greenlab
  • I’m pleased to inform you that the following paper has been officially accepted for publication in Materials


    Young Ho Park, Seung Min Park, Kang-Won Jung, Yunju Hwang, Saurav Sorcar, Dae Woon Moon*, and Su-Il In*


    Title: Synthesis and Growth Mechanism of Stable prenucleated (≈ 0.8 nm diameter) PbS quantum dots by Medium Energy Ion Scattering Spectroscopy


    doi: 10.3390/ma12071109

  • Congrats! 48th paper has been published
  • posted 2019-02-09 12:08:58 by greenlab
  • 48. Sung Hyun Lee, Kyeong-Seok Lee, Saurav Sorcar, Abdul Razzaq, Maan-Gee Lee, and Su-Il In*, "Novel Porous Brain Electrodes for Augmented Local Field Potential Signal Detection", Materials (2019) 12, 542 (1-8)

    Thank you for all of you contribution.

  • Congrats! 46th and 47th papers published
  • posted 2018-12-24 06:04:24 by greenlab
  • 46. Ki Nam Kim, Sung Hyun Lee, Hwapyong Kim, Young Ho Park, and Su-Il In*, "Improved Microbial Electrolysis Cell Hydrogen Production by Hybridization with a TiO2 Nanotube Array Photoanode", Energies 11 (2018) 3184


    47. Shahzad Ali, Abdul Razzaq, and Su-Il In*, "Development of Graphene Based Photocatalysts for CO2 Reduction to C1 Chemicals: A brief Overview", Catalysis Today (2018)

  • Congrats! The execution of a sponsored research the GREEN Lab, DGIST
  • posted 2018-08-11 12:24:02 by 인수일

    MILTON, GA, Aug. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Attis Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: ATIS) (the "Company" or "Attis"), a diversified innovation and technology holding company, today announced the execution of a sponsored research and exclusive license agreement with Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology ("DGIST"), to develop and commercialize processes that use sunlight to efficiently promote conversion of carbon dioxide ("CO2") and water into hydrocarbon fuels compatible with the current energy infrastructure.  

    The new agreement is intended to build on the Company's and DGIST's prior work, including the work of Professor Su-Il In and his team at DGIST, as recently reported in Energy and Environmental Science, a journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, in an article entitled High-Rate Solar-light Photoconversion of CO2 to Fuel: Controllable Transformation from C1 to C2 Products. Professor In and his team recently demonstrated CO2 photoconversion efficiencies exceeding ten times anything previously reported, achieving sunlight-to-fuel (Joule-to-Joule) photoconversion efficiencies of up to 3.3% (quantum yield 91%). Such efficiencies are an important milestone, and demonstrate that an industrial-scale sunlight-powered CO2 to hydrocarbon fuel technology is realistic to envision. 

    "Many of us have watched photovoltaics evolve from the laboratory into a global industry in which solar is rapidly becoming one of the cheapest sources of energy world-wide," said Jeffrey Cosman, Attis's Chief Executive Officer. "We believe that a similar revolution is coming with carbon dioxide, one in which sunlight will be harnessed to cost-effectively reform carbon, oxygen and hydrogen into valuable precursors for food, fuels and energy. Professor In and his team have made an important and timely contribution to making that future a reality." 

    The Company expects to collaborate with DGIST and provide the adjacent research and other resources needed to increase conversion efficiencies even further, while expanding process tolerances and capabilities. The Company's early-stage commercialization targets include production of commercially-meaningful yields of methane for direct use and conversion into methanol, synthesis gas for conversion into Fischer-Tropsch fuels, and ethane for conversion into polyethylene and ethanol. Each target has extreme significance to the Company's biorefinery goals, including its plans to consolidate existing renewable fuel production assets, such as first generation corn ethanol plants. 

    Cosman added, "About one-third of every bushel of corn fermented into ethanol ends up as a relatively pure form of CO2 exhaust. Imagine the impact on ethanol yield and profitability if we can cost-effectively convert even a fraction of that exhaust into more ethanol. We're very excited to be working with Professor In and his team at DGIST." 

    About Attis Industries Inc.

    Attis Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: ATIS) is a diversified innovation and technology holding company defined by its commitment to servicing its clients with unwavering respect, fairness, andcare. We are focused on finding and implementing solutions for the resource needs and challenges of our customers with a fundamental objective to seek rewarding solutions through technology and innovation. Our healthcare business centers on creating community-based synergies through collaborations and software solutions. Our innovation business strives to create value from recovered resources. For more information, visit:

  • Congrats! 45th paper has been published to Energy & Environmental Science!
  • posted 2018-07-05 23:33:37 by greenlab
  • Saurav Sorcar, Jamie Thompson, Yunju Hwang, Young Ho Park, Tetsuro Majima, Craig A. Grimes, James R. Durrant and Su-il In*,

    Title: High-Rate Solar-spectrum Photoconversion of CO2: Controllable Transition from C1 to C2 Products

    Journal: Energy & Environmental Science 

    11 (2018) 3183 - 3193

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