Recent Announcements

  • Congrats! Lead and Lead-Free Halide Perovskite Nanostructures story has been published.
  • 2020-12-22 00:48:15 by greenlab
  • Chaitanya B. Hiragond, Niket S. Powar, and Su-Il In *, "Recent developments in Lead and Lead-Free Halide Perovskite Nanostructures towards photocatalytic CO2 reduction", Nanomaterials (2020) 10, ..
  • Our 4 research topics have been selected in the WEF Top 10th emerging technologies 2020
  • 2020-12-17 12:26:56 by Greenlab
  • 4 topics are in the list, Sun-powered Chemistry, Electric aviation, Green Hydrogen, Lower-carbon Cement
  • Congrats! N-doped GO/RT work has been accepted in Chemical Engineering Journal
  • 2020-12-02 01:03:52 by greenlab
  • Chaitanya B. Hiragond, Junho Lee,Hwapyong Kim, Jin-Woo Jung, Chang-Hee Cho, and Su-Il In*, "A novel N-doped graphene oxide enfolded reduced titania for highly stable and selective gas-phase ..
  • Congrats! Noble Metal Sensitized Invasive Porous Bioelectrodes has been accepted in RSC Advances
  • 2020-11-25 10:43:47 by Greenlab
  • Title:  Noble Metal Sensitized Invasive Porous Bioelectrodes: Advanced Medical Device for Enhanced Neuronal Activity and Chronic Alcohol Treatment Journal: RSC Advances Authors: Hong Soo Kim,..

Major research interests


  GREEN Lab에서는 환경과 에너지 문제 해결을 위해


  "재생에너지 3020 (RE 3020)" 구현을 위한 "친환경 융복합 에너지"를 연구합니다. 


  -. 환경+재생에너지 융합

  -. 태양에너지 + 바이오에너지 융합

  -. 에너지그리드 + 환경+ 재생에너지 융합

  -. 미세먼지 저감 및 대기환경오염 물질 제거를 위한 기술 융합

  -. 친환경 미래형 도심항공교통

  -. 저탄소 시멘트 (Lower-carbon Cement) 

  주요 연구분야는


 - 이산화탄소(CO2)를 에너지 자원으로 변환하는 "인공광합성" 연구 & 전기화학적 CO2 전환 연구 & 폐콘크리트 활용 CO2 포집 고형화 연구 (Sun-powered Chemistry)


 - 오폐수를 정화하면서 수소와 전력을 생산하는 "광-바이오 융합 미세플라스틱 저감 미생물연료전지" 연구 (Green Hydgrogen)


  - 양자점, 나노입자의 합성 및 구조 분석 연구, 양자 나노입자의 인체/환경 위해성 평가 


  - 생체 에너지에 기반한 "나노 기술과 의과학 융합 및 응용" 연구

  - 반영구적 핵전지(베타전지) 기술개발 연구

  - 한국형 도심항공교통(K-UAM) & 유인드론, 드론택시, 전기항공 (Electric Aviation)  연구

  - 저탄소 시멘스 


  열정과 창의력이 빛나는 여러분의 많은 관심과 방문을 부탁드립니다.



   Research interests are synthesis, analysis and application of functional nano-materials for environmentally friendly renewable energy and advnaced functional devices.


   A central goal of this work is relating

   1. Solar fuels (Artificial Photosynthesis, Sun-powered Chemistry): CO2 conversion into hydrocarbon fuels & Elecrochemical CO2 conversion & CO2 storage and calcination

   2. Photo-bio hybrid microbial Fuel Cell for H2 generation (Green Hydrogen)

   3. Design/Synthesis/Analysis of quantum nano materials & Human / Environmental risk assessment of quantum nano materials

   4. Advanced medical devices (Acupuncture, Brain electrode etc.)

   5. Nuclear Battery (Beta Battery)

   6. Urban Air Mobility & Personal aviation, Drone Taxi, Electric Aviation

   7. Lower-carbon Cement


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